Location: neon district / norfolk, va
Models: Shayna, kandace

We had a photographer/model meetup this past weekend that was set up by a local photographer, Tom Slavin. These meetups are a great way to meet other photographers, models, and generally just get out and shoot.

After arriving and catching up with a few other photographers I broke out my pretty minimal setup and got ready for the models to arrive. Since this is a pretty informal meetup, you never know who will show up (or when). A few of the models were delayed so Tom started looking for volunteers off the street and before you know it, we had a few different couples who were willing to let us photograph them.

After shooting the couples, a few cosplayers arrived. The bottom left is @forever_red_cosplays who is obviously Superman and to the right is @chosenmiicosplay who is cosplaying Tom Nook from the Nintendo game Animal Crossing. It's always impressive to see the effort that people put into their attire as well as living up to the character they are portraying.

Before the models arrived a couple of photographers and I took a lap around the block to check out the murals and scope out a few good places to shoot. While we were walking around behind one of the buildings someone popped out to take out the trash and it couldn't have been more perfect. It was Vic (center below) and we immediately asked if we could take a few photos. Shortly after, their co-worker Neil (left below) came out and we had a little mini-photo shoot. They were great sports and even invited us into the shop (Tender Heart Tattoo) take more photos (which we did).

Neil: https://www.instagram.com/weirdtrails/

Vic: https://www.instagram.com/piercingdingus/

Kari: https://www.instagram.com/kariartdesu/

Now that we're all warmed up, a few models have arrived and we take a walk around to find some great shots. Both Shayna and Kandace showed up ready to go and we were off! Shooting with both of these talented ladies was a pleasure. So many great photos and generally just a pleasure to be around! You can find their IG info below.

Shayna: https://www.instagram.com/limestonewalker/

Kandace: https://www.instagram.com/mamallamamodeling/

Another great meetup organized by Tom! Great seeing everyone out there and looking forward to the next one!