Hi, my name is Bryan

I've always loved photography. There is something about capturing a moment in time that appeals to me. I can remember growing up I always loved to look through the shoe boxes (yes, that's how they were stored) full of printed photos. None of them were perfectly posed or particularly well-lit, but they were real and captured the feelings of the moment they were taken. There is nothing better than going through old photos, digital or printed and talking about the memories and feelings they inspire.

A little about me...

  • I'm an on again, off again runner. Currently in an "off" phase :P
  • I was a dive instructor in Hawaii for a little while
  • I'm an animal lover and have a house full of dogs
  • I was a horse trainer when I was younger
  • I love to hike and camp and generally be outside

My Style...



Taking photos that capture the feeling and emotion of a moment is always my aim. Looking back at your images should immediately connect you to that point in time and the thoughts and emotions you were feeling. I see photography as a way to bookmark special points in time so you can easily transport yourself back in time.



I find that the photos that both I and clients love the most are those that feel the most natural. It is sometimes necessary to be intentional and "pose" for some of these but where possible I really strive to capture a real moment as it happens. That is the most true to life capture and one you will connect with an actual feeling.



Aside from capturing the feeling of a moment I want to compose and take a technically good photo. Your moments are special and in some cases once in a lifetime. I strive to be a student of photography and continue to grow so that the photos that I deliver to you are the best they can be.

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