I recently had the chance to make it back to Hawaii for a work trip after being away since 2018. I lived on island for about 10 years before moving to Virginia at the end of 2018. Virginia has been very good to us but we are certainly missing Hawaii and everything that comes along with living there.

Since this was a work trip I wanted to make sure that I had a plan so I could get the most out of my time on island. I made a note on my phone and tried to put something under each day that I was going to do or go see. I also had to make a shopping list to get those local things that are hard to get anywhere else. Most importantly, I had to make a list of places that I wanted to eat while I was there.

Kailua Views

I got up super early and drove over to Kailua Beach to catch the sunrise a few mornings in a row but each time was met with rain and clouds. Luckily, all I had to do was turn around to get this photo.

North Shore Swimming

This photo was pure luck. As I was walking along the beach I caught this Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, also known as Honu, trying to get out past the surf. These and all other sea turtles are listed as endangered species. He did make it out by the way.

Catching Some Waves

I was initially trying to stop and check out Pipeline but the parking situation was crazy. Ended up going down the road a little to Hale'iwa Beach Park. It's a little calmer here (waves and people-wise). There is plenty of shoreline here to walk and take some photos so that's what I did. This person was paddling out to catch some of the bigger waves.

2023 Honolulu Marathon

You know it's funny, I have registered and trained for this race at least 2 or 3 times. Still have yet to run it. Back when I was living in Hawaii, I was traveling a lot and something always seemed to come up around this time of year. I don't live in Hawaii any longer, but I am planning to run this race in 2024. I somehow missed getting photos of the winner by about two minutes. I was there but took my time getting over to the finish line area. There is an album here with more photos.