Thank you for booking with me!

A Few Session Day Considerations

session day considerations:

The Weather

Always an unknown, but I will be keeping an eye on the weather as we approach your session day and we will coordinate any adjustments required. If the weather does not support we will identify an alternate date as soon as possible.

The Location

Lots of things to think about with the location. If you look to the right and below you will see some popular locations in the area. These are just for reference and certainly not a comprehensive list. As we discuss your desires we can identify unique locations that will help us recreate your vision.

The Kiddos

Keeping the kids engaged and happy is half the battle (as you know). I won't pretend to know what makes your little one tick but some general things to consider would be naps and food ahead of the shoot. Maybe some snacks for later? Having a good game plan and being flexible will be the name of the game here. We can always adjust as required to make the day successful!

what to bring:

None of these are required but good to consider for your comfort.

  • Water / Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • A Jacket / Hat
  • A Brush (for those windy days)
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Additional Clothing (Shirts, Hats, Scarves, Etc)


There are so many amazing locations in and around the city to choose from. The map below has a few great locations but it comes down to what you are looking for and the feel that you want for your photos. Each of these locations has its own personality.

Popular Locations:

  • Botanical Garden
  • Beautiful gardens and flowers as you would expect.
  • Backbay National Wildlife Refuge
  • Long scenic walks through the wetland areas with beach access.
  • Pleasure House Point
  • Scenic wetland area with amazing views.
  • Bells Mill Park
  • Large open fields with wooded treelines.
  • Freemason Historical District
  • The oldest neighborhood in Norfolk with cobblestone streets and rows of historic homes.
  • 80th Street Boardwalk
  • A shaded boardwalk leading to the beach with trees arching over. Also walks directly into the sand dunes and beachfront.
  • Neon District Norfolk
  • Bright and beautiful murals on the walls with a real rough and gritty feel.