Washington DC is one of my all-time favorite cities to visit. The reasons for this are many and not all of them are particularly great when taken out of context. Let me try to explain. As with most big cities, there is crime, traffic, pollution, and no shortage of "interesting" characters roaming around. If you are just trying to get from your home to work then maybe these are frustrations, however, if you are there to take photos and people-watch then this is exactly what you want. I'm here for the latter. Aside from the people and overall spectacle of DC, they have world-class museums and all the normal touristy things you would expect to see.

Not-So-Secret Service

As you walk around in DC, one thing you will see everywhere you are the Capital Police and Secret Service. They are posted up at all of the expected places and some that you wouldn't. Usually they do just what the officer in this photo is doing. Watch.

Tell us how you really feel

As I mentioned before, the people-watching here in DC is really next level. The person pictured here is a staple on the front stoop of the White House and doesn't beat around the bush with his opinions. What is almost more interesting is the reaction he gets from passers-by. Locals will walk by not even noticing him, while you can really see the wheels turning in the minds of the tourists.

A different view...

I've been to DC many times but this was a new angle to see the Washington Monument. I've probably walked past this alley many times but as I walked past this time I caught the picture you see here. The trick to this place is that every time you come you will see something new. If you find yourself here don't skip places that you have been before. There is always something new to see.

A conversation...

This man appeared to be taking a different tact. While I was watching he seemed to be engaging anyone interested in conversation. This stands in contrast to the many loudspeakers and megaphones you will find in the area. If you are interested in what he is calling attention to, you can find a little more info at this BBC article.